The startup Visibrain enters the co-development program of Bouygues Telecom Initiatives

[blockquote author=”L’équipe Web Social de Bouygues Telecom, Tanguy Moillard et Jérémy Rodney” align=”right”]”Glad to be able to support Visibrain, we love the tool! Thank you and well done.”[/blockquote]

The Bouygues Telecom Initiatives team is pleased to announce the entry of Visibrain into its co-development program.

Visibrain is a tool for analyzing Twitter conversations based on a semantic analysis algorithm. It allows to quickly obtain a synthesis of “tweets” and press releases on a predetermined topic and in real time. Email or SMS alerts can be triggered when a certain threshold of “tweets” on this topic is exceeded.

The product is now oriented towards the marketing departments of large companies, political parties, digital agencies, public relations agencies, watch units, and the press.

Visibrain has succeeded in differentiating itself, in particular by perfectly combining the power of the tool with a simple and intuitive user experience.

Unlike some so-called “multi-channel” tools, Visibrain focuses exclusively on Twitter feeds. This specialization allows Visibrain to make the most of Twitter’s functionalities without experiencing the difficulties of integrating disparate results inherent in multichannel solutions.

Head of Digital Relations at Bouygues Telecom

Jérémy Rodney, Community manager at Bouygues Telecom

Head of Digital Relations at Bouygues Telecom

Tanguy Moillard, Head of Digital Relations at Bouygues Telecom

Visibrain preferred to focus on its chosen field rather than disperse its research and development efforts, “a winning choice” according to the Bouygues Telecom Digital Relations team., Tanguy Moillard and Jérémy Rodney, who considers the tool to be “the best in its category” and who has decided to sponsor Visibrain.

Bouygues Telecom Initiatives has chosen to support Visibrain via its co-development program, a decision also motivated by the quality and dynamism of the young startup’s management team: Nicolas Huguenin (CEO), Jean-Christophe Gatuingt ( COO) and Samuel Coupé (CTO).