Streamrox, Bouygues Telecom’s first partnership with a “4G” startup financed by BTI

Bouygues Telecom Initiatives is funding a new startup, STREAMROX, as part of its co-development program.

Launched in January 2012, the company specializes in the field of interactive live video.


“Immorox”, the first service launched by STREAMROX, proposes to “digitize” the real estate advertisements field by integrating live visits on the internet (the seller films the property from his smartphone and potential customers see and can chat with him without move).

This positioning is in line with current consumer trends on the Internet (video is by far the most consumed medium on the Internet). For Bouygues Telecom, Streamrox’s offer presents a significant synergy with the deployment of 4G and services linked to very high mobile speed.

Small medium-sized enterprises department

Luc Perraudin, Small medium-sized enterprises department


In the case of co-development with Bouygues Telecom Initiatives, Immorox carries out joint marketing with the Company Department of Bouygues Telecom. This operation, sponsored by the Small Medium-Sized Enterprises Department of Luc Perraudin and Olivier Klaine, will enable the technology and relevance of the market targeted by Immorox to be tested in real conditions.

The motivation and experience of the two founders, Bruno Waitzman (great connoisseur of the real estate world) and Jérôme Fiot (specialized in digital and new media) also influenced the choice of the Bouygues Telecom Initiatives team.



[blockquote author=”Luc Perraudin, Direction petites et moyennes entreprises” align=”right”]Streamrox will allow us to evangelize our customers to the virtues of “4G” services[/blockquote]