Publithings is one of the key players in events and the media on innovation and the digital revolution in France. The startup is recognized today for its expertise in the fields of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and virtual and augmented reality. Its main mission is to promote and evangelize disruptions and their challenges, risks and opportunities for professionals and the general public.

With more than 1 million readers per month, the company’s media center is made up of the sites , , , and .

With more than 150 animations / events in 2016 (IoT Break, VR Break, virtual reality, connected objects, drones, robots, connected breakfasts, 360 videos, …) and a hundred references such as Total, Bouygues, Aviva, Oracle , BNP, the events center differs from traditional agencies by its very close relationship with the company’s media center. This allows it to know the latest innovations in preview and to have a very large network of partners.

Finally, the consulting division offers studies and novel trends on innovation, through professional training (hololens, connected objects, virtual reality, 360 videos, …), ideation workshops or even creation of connected objects / virtual reality applications.

Testing of the solution in 2016

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