dydu is an expert in conversational intelligence, one of the fields of application of AI.

dydu publishes software for creating, deploying and managing bots or conversational interfaces – chatbots, voicebots, callbots, humanobots, domobots. These bots allow their customers to interact simply and automatically with their users, in order to improve their engagement while optimizing their contact costs. This ease of 24/7 interaction is a major lever for the user experience.

These bots can be used in an infinite number of cases: customer service, helpdesk, visitor reception, employee support (HR, IT), product recommendation, transactions, home automation, etc. in areas as varied as energy, finance, etc. insurance, telcos, transport, automotive industry, public sector …

Dydu’s value proposition: no need for IT skills to use their software. Intuitive and easy to access, it is used directly by business experts who know their users and can therefore manage their bot very simply. Developers can also take advantage of its advanced features and APIs to build their use cases.

Testing of the solution in 2018

Screenshot of www.dydu.ai