The iFeelSmart startup participates in the future “Miami” box of Bouygues Telecom

“Bouygues Telecom announced this summer the launch by the end of 2014 of its new TV decoder, known for the moment under the name of“ Project Miami ”.

This “box” will be the first operator TV decoder running Android and delivering all of the operator’s TV and entertainment services.

Among the most innovative elements of this new offer is the user interface, designed by the start-up iFeelSmart.


This innovative design interface offers fluid and intuitive access to all content: those from TV channels of course, but also VOD, Replay, Media Center content (Photos, Videos, Music), GooglePlay Android applications (including many games), as well as all the videos from the web through the Youtube application and the built-in Chromecast.

This experience is complemented by “companion” applications, also developed by iFeelSmart, and available on Android smartphones and iPhone, which allow you to control the decoder and consult programs and catalogs remotely.

Bouygues Telecom, with the “Miami” project, will be the first operator to deploy the iFeelSmart solution, which is currently working on similar projects internationally. ”

Shy Shriqui, President & Founding Partner of IFeelSmart


The iFeelSmart startup is part of the Bouygues Telecom Initiatives investment program.
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