The Abeeway startup joins BTI

Bouygues Telecom Initiatives is pleased to include the startup Abeeway in its Co-development Program. Abeeway is sponsored by the LoRa Network Management.


Abeeway is the first company to offer geolocation services for objects adapted to the low-speed network deployed by Bouygues Telecom and using LoRa technology.

The autonomy can reach several years, the low cost and the size of the solutions developed by Abeeway make it possible to geolocate any type of equipment and to improve its management:

  • Be alerted in the event of theft
  • Locate equipment at any time
  • Be alerted in the event of leaving a zone
  • Know the rate of use of the equipment
  • Increase the rate of use of equipment

Solutions are also being developed for people (lone workers, people with Alzheimer’s disease, etc.).

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The object of the co-development with Abeeway is the realization of a pilot to test the geolocation solution with LoRa beacons in order to allow a large account to optimize the management of its equipment fleet.

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