BTinitiatives presents its business accelerator approach in front of 500 participants of the Balkan Venture Forum

Bouygues Telecom Initiatives was invited on May 21 and 22 to the 7th edition of the Balkan Venture Forum (Sofia, Bulgaria), which brings together financiers, large companies and investment funds from this region of Europe over two days (40 US and European investment funds, 60 startups from the Balkan countries , 6 large companies including Microsoft, Blackberry, HTC …)

Renaud TRNKA participated on May 21 in an evaluation jury of 7 young startups on subjects as varied as the intelligence of big data from social networks, the optimization of the management of digital data of companies, price comparison real time, enriched communication for young people, sales support …



The next day, he gave a conference on the support provided to external innovation and startups through BTI, then participated in a panel on the monetization of services in telecoms alongside Blackberry and VIVACOM (former Bulgarian national operator ).

Numerous questions were asked by the audience, in particular to highlight the extreme originality of BTI’s approach, which has emerged as a real “business accelerator” at the service of young creators of innovative businesses.