Congratulations to our startup ADQUANTIC!

Critéo bought the French startup AdQuantic. It acquired AdQuantic to expand its workforce and acquire additional talents and skills.


AdQuantic offers a solution that allows advertisers to optimize the management of keyword bids on search engines.

The startup was created in 2010 by researchers in quantum physics, Cédric Chanal and Simone De Liberato. They discovered during one of their projects that they could apply methods from their research area to maximize performance and automate auction management. They thus decided to create AdQuantic. Olivier de Taisne, CEO, joined them.

Their technology is based on methods from quantum physics, game theory and semantics. They use customer metrics like revenue, number of conversions or costs to optimize campaigns.

The tools they offer have 3 objectives: optimize daily campaigns, adapt campaign management to business, and generate performance over time


The startup AdQuantic is part of the BT Initiatives program. In 2013, it carried out co-development with the B & YOU teams of Bouygues Telecom. The test carried out enabled AdQuantic to advance its offer and its strategy.

BT Initiatives congratulates the AdQuantic team on this good news and wishes them the best of success within Critéo.


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