Bouygues Telecom Initiatives celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Bouygues Telecom Initiatives aims to accelerate innovation within Bouygues Telecom by relying on start-ups, at the service of customers and employees.

In 2009, aware that open innovation was going to become crucial for large companies, Bouygues Telecom was one of the first in France to create an incubation structure, Bouygues Telecom Initiatives. In 2015, it entered a second phase and created real synergies between startups and the company’s business lines, by organizing pilots with startups, more than half of which gave rise to commercial partnerships.

In 10 years, more than 100 startups have been supported, in all areas of the company, and 12 investments, including the most recent within the startup XAALYS, the first French neo-bank for 12-17 year olds.

On November 21, 2019, Bouygues Telecom Initiatives at OnePoint celebrated the achievements of these 10 years with all the contributors. Thus, this evening brought together the startups of the ecosystem, the partners and the business departments who contributed to the success of this approach.

After a speech by Richard Viel, CEO of Bouygues Telecom, Kayla Roark, Franco-American entrepreneur, spoke of her entrepreneurial experience with her dual vision of France and the United States.

Then two startups, in which Bouygues Telecom Initiatives has invested, shared their points of view:

  • Recommerce, the oldest startup in the investment portfolio, testified about its 10-year experience with Bouygues Telecom as an investor, and what this has given it over the course of its development,
  • Xaalys, the latest startup to enter the portfolio, shared its joy and expectations for the years to come.

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